Math Games

One way I try to create a positive math mindset in the classroom is to have a little fun with math games! 

Jeopardy Whole Number Operations 

 When my new 5th graders come to me at the beginning of the year, it is important for me to see how they solve problems using whole number operations. We work on this the entire first week by doing group work and playing games. During this time, I also pull kids and work with them one on one!

One way we practiced whole number operations was by playing a Jeopardy game! It was a hit and I love how it brightened up the classroom!

Here is the link to the Whole Number Operations Jeopardy game! I also have an editable Jeopardy game that can be used for any subject or grade level!

Rainbow Math

After getting to know the kids this week, I wanted to see how well they solved whole number operations, mainly multiplying and dividing. Rainbow Math was great because it allowed the kids to move around the room, use markers and crayons, and they were problem solving with each other to find the correct answer.  

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