I love getting ready for a new school year! New supplies, organizing, and a fresh start makes me happy! Below are the binder covers and spines I have made for the school year! The covers and spines are completely editable! Enjoy!

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How I Organize My Math Groups

Math rotations have become a huge part of my classroom routine! The kids love working together and it allows me time to work with groups of students that need extra practice. One way I organize my math groups is this bulletin board. I have four groups of students that will rotate to four different groups in a 2-day period.

My groups include the following:

  • a time with me
  • a computer activity
  • a critical thinking activity
  • an independent activity
The bulletin board is not only a way I organize myself, but the kids can look at the board and see what they are to be doing at each station! 

Math Bulletin Boards

I just completed the first week of school and it was GREAT! I love putting up new bulletin boards, trying new activities, meeting the kids, and getting back in the groove of things!

I love how this new bulletin board turned out! I made it based off of important concepts the students will need to know this year. This will continue to be a work in progress throughout the year!

I can't wait to use my group rotation bulletin board! The kids will have a visual to go along with their activities!

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